About Me

I have over 480 hours of award winning tattoos by some of the most awesome artists. I eat fire and do fire transfer on my body, I get lit on fire and am a professional dare devil.I'm an actor, progressive pinup, alternative, fetish, fashion, runway, gore and anything unusual model.. Now available for hire for hosting shows, expos, advertising, apparel, promo or just creative photos for your business or network. If you are interested in hiring me as a model here is a little info for you. As of now, I'm interested in PAID shoots only. I do implied nude, just to show my ink. Tasteful, captivating and seductive is the best way to describe my style. I like to create images that tickle all of your senses. I love Progressive Pin-up, fetish, Alternative, Fashion, Apparel, Blood, Gore, Punk, Goth, Rock and Roll, bikini, anything original and eye catching. My everyday style is very unique on it's own.


Height: 5'4" (without heels) 5'9+ with heels
Wieght: 100 lbs.
My Measurements are 33C-24-32

I love a change in style and of course I want to create more one of a kind images. With 14 International Magazine covers, multiple tv, internet and magazine interviews and 3 DVD covers I have some great connections if you'd like to network with me or take some really outstanding photos, just shoot me an e-mail at mizuzinkaholik@gmail.com... I believe everyone can be beautiful, if they would just let their true colors shine ... I wear my colors (tattoos) with honor, I'm a fine art connoisseur ... I just wear mine on my flesh, PROUDLY.
~Mizuz Inkaholik


I hope to change the stereotypes so that women can be themselves, bold, bright and expressive. I love who I am... not just how I look and with every piece of art I add to my collection I grow to love myself even more.... :) Discipline, appreciation and hard work always pay off... I really want to show the world that body modification can be beautiful. This is my artistic expression to the world. Appreciate beauty... beauty is everywhere! I see beauty in everyone, all shapes and sizes. The future I see for the body modification world is bright! Understanding and education will help to speed this process along. Society has really changed over the last decade as far as accepting us into every day life and I want to push for more. We were strange, weird, scary and freaks. Now we are beautiful, distinctive and sexy. Keep it up all you tattooed and pierced freaks out there. Unite and take over the world!!!!

Welcome to MY addiction.